Frequently asked questions:

How does a Covid PCR Test work with Mediscan Fasttest?

Our priority is to provide you with the fastest possible results in a safe manner. Therefore, patients take their self-swab test at one of our several clinic sites.  Our in-house courier then takes them to the laboratory for analysis.
You will receive full details via email on booking.  Should you prefer a healthcare professional take your swab for you, this is also available through our unique home visiting services with an additional charge of £25 per person (Group discount is available, please inquire at the time of booking through our dedicated telephone line.

Where can I have the test?

We have clinics in
Greater Manchester - Oldham, Ashton & Salford.
Birmingham - Walsall
West Yorkshire - Wakefield & Leeds*
Bradford and London*.
*New location will be available soon!

Do I get a certificate?

We provide a copy of the laboratory result on letterheaded stating the name of the test, the accredited laboratory and the result.
You will need to bring photographic ID to show at your appointment.

Can I get my results over the weekend?

Yes, we have staff working from 8am-4pm on the weekend who will be able to provide results and certificates on request.

Can I come for a test if I have been asked to quarantine?

No, unfortunately you must not leave home to attend a clinic if you have been asked to self-isolate or quarantine.  You should also not attend a clinic if you have any symptoms of Covid-19 or if you have been in contact with anyone who has.  However, if you live in the Manchester area you can have a doctor to carry out the test at home.

How can I book?

To book for an individual, the easiest way is to book online.
To book for a large group, please contact us on through web form or email us to lab@mediscanservices.co.uk.

Can children have a PCR swab test?

Yes, we can test children, although younger children may find the test a little distressing

How much does a COVID-19 PCR test?

We charge £99 per person for Covid-19 PCR test.

What if I require tests for multiple people?

Simply book a test for the first member of your party. Then repeat the process for another test, but on the payment screen enter the details of the second person. Repeat for any other members of your party.  Each member of your party will need to be present to take the test.

I require a negative Covid-19 swab test within a specified time-frame. How can I get this?

We would advise you take your test as early as possible, such that it is just within your required time window. For instance, if you require a test no more than 72 hours before taking a flight, then have your test exactly 72 hours before your flight.

When will I get my results?

You will receive your results by email. In the exceptionally unlikely event that your results are not back by this time, provided you followed the instructions on your test kit,  Mediscan would refund your PCR test fee.  We are not liable for any other associated costs should your results be delayed.

Where can I take my test?

Test can be taken at any of the locations shown on the booking page for a Covid test. You will find the address on the booking page and will be sent directions by email on booking.  Our in-House couriers will take your sample to the laboratory on your behalf.

How do I take my sample?

After you book your appointment you will go to one of our locations to take your test.  All our PCR testing locations have a toilet or consultation room where you can take your sample.  The sample requires you take a swab from your throat and nose. Full instructions of how to do this are included in your test kit for self sampling or a fully trained healthcare professional will explain the process before obtaining a sample.  You can book for a healthcare professional to take your swab for you either by attending our clinics or through our home visit service.

Where do I take my sample?

You can take your test in the consultation room or toilet where you collect the kit.  Our courier will then take it to the laboratory.

What type of test is it?

It is a PHE approved SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) reverse transcriptase real-time PCR swab, carried out at a HSE registered laboratories with trained healthcare professionals.  This is widely gold standard test for COVID-19.

What information will be on my test results?

You will be emailed a copy of your lab results report - Test date, passport number, test result,...

What dates will be shown on my results?

You lab results will show the date and time which your sample was collected.  It will also show the date that the test was completed and your report generated.  These cannot be changed.
Should you also require a doctor's letter then this shall include the date and time your sample was collected, plus the date when the letter was written.  If you would like us not to write the letter until a certain date then please let us know by replying to your booking confirmation email.

What identification do I need?

Please bring an electronic copy of your test form and photo identification. You ID needs to match the name on the form.

Can I get a certificate without a test?

No. We are only able to issue you with a doctor's letter assessing your fitness to fly if you have a Covid-19 PCR test booked.

Please can you advise me on the Covid-19 policy for my particular airline or country?

Different airlines have different policies and they are changing frequently. Unfortunately we do not know the specific requirements of each airline. Please contact your airline for details of their particular requirements.

I need my my doctor's letter to be stamped and/or signed.

To ensure the fastest possible turnaround, your results and letter (if requested) will be emailed to you. We have had very few requests for paper copies or stamps. Should you require one of these then we can arrange it to be stamped or signed at one of our clinics at no extra charge.

Which countries / airlines accept a Mediscan Covid-19 Test with an accompanying doctor's letter?

Each country has different requirements and these are changing rapidly.  Most of the airlines accepts our test results and certificate. However, Please double check that they will accept our RT-PCR Covid-19 PCR swab test which is carried out in a HSE registered laboratories with trained healthcare professionals.

I don't live in the location of your clinic sites. Can you post me a kit?

Yes. We can post you the kit with full instruction of self administered swab sampling. The turnaround time will depend on us receiving your swab back.