COVID-19 PCR Test Disclaimer

By purchasing and/or using this product, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to all the terms and conditions stated in the COVID-19 TEST DISCLAIMER below.

By choosing this COVID-19 [PCR and/or rapid test] services (“Services”):

You hereby declare and provide consent for Mediscan & thefasttest to collect and process your data (including medical data, pre-existing conditions, and other personal data that may be considered sensitive under the applicable laws and regulations) for the Covid-19 PCR test purpose.

You hereby agree to undergo the Covid-19 PCR test, agree that the test results will remain confidential and only accessible to you, the medical team, or the government institution handling the COVID-19.

You hereby declare that you understand and acknowledge all consequences that may arise from knowing your status if you are tested positive for COVID-19 and will follow the instruction from the relevant government institution handling the COVID-19

You agree to consult further with local health agency or government institution handling the COVID-19 if your Covid-19 PCR test is positive and to take precaution or treatment measures determined for your and public safety to contain the outbreak.

If you are ordering the test for another person, You hereby warrant that you have obtained the required approval from the third party customer regarding the Services and our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

We are not a health services provider or laboratory, nor we provide any medical tests, or equipment therefore we are not responsible for any result or information on the Services carried out by our Partners.

We are not responsible for any delay in lab report.

If you have any questions or requests relating to your data used for Services, please contact:

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